Have you looked at FormIt lately?


It is hard to overstate how much has changed in just over two years since we first introduced FormIt to the world. If you have not looked at FormIt in awhile, you may be blown away by how much it has grown up! Did you know that FormIt is:

  • Not just for iPads anymore! FormIt runs on pretty much any Android device.
  • Not just for tablets anymore! We introduced an early preview of our Web version in 2013. Since that release, we have overhauled the entire app. Sketching, snapping, pushing, pulling, graphics have all been vastly improved. Plus, now you can create editable group instances that speed up your design process for repeatable objects.
  • Compatible with Revit 2015! Every time you save, you get a Revit file with editable mass families, level datums, location data and more.
  • Collaborative! Create an online session where you and your colleagues, on mobile and web, can edit the same model at the same time, or share a viewpoint for remote presentations.

And we have a lot more coming very soon. Follow us @FormIt3D to be “in the know”


HUGE update to FormIt iOS and Web

The FormIt team has been working incredibly hard on a whole bunch of new features and polish to FormIt. So much so, that we have decided to remove the “beta” label from the web app! The new url for FormIt on the web is: http://formit.autodesk.com/app. These videos highlight what is new in Web and iOS and a more complete feature list is after the break.

2015-03-03_0127 Create Group Instances

The biggest update is the ability to create and modify Groups. This not only allows you to create separate, distinct objects that do not auto-join while sketching – but also allows for instance copies that update when edited. This enables an enormous amount of flexibility in design.  Visit our help for more info.

Conceptual BIM: FormIt to Revit Conversion

The FormIt to Revit translation methods and stability have been vastly improved. FormIt Groups translate into Revit Mass families to maintain distinct elements and nested structure. Splines, arcs, cylinders and domes now translate into native Revit geometry without facets. Visit our help for more info.

Editing Tool Polish

There have been a number of improvements to the editing tools

  • The Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to be more usable and precise.
  • Select and Drag multiple faces at the same time.
  • Use Smart selection on web to find faces of the same size, pockets of faces, and pockets of faces of the same size.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts on web are expanded to include creation tools, group tools, and editing tools.

There are also a few features only available in the Web app:

  • jetpack FormIt Web Fly-through Mode – click on the jet pack guy!
  • 2015-03-03_0114 FormIt Web Content Library – link to a local folder or a folder on A360 to read in a user defined folder structure and then drag and drop from the Content library panel into the FormIt Web scene to add pre-made elements into your design

Prepare for FormIt v9!

Hello FormIteers!

As we prepare for our massive v9 release (Seriously. Our web and iOS apps have drastically evolved since v8 when we introduced collaboration) we wanted to tell you about one change that we are pushing live this week.

Our FormIt to Revit conversion is now using the Revit 2015 API! This change increases the success rate on conversions (to roughly 100%!); supports the creation of Revit native splines and arcs; and is necessary to support the new features (about to be announced) in v9…

The reason we’re telling you about this ahead of time… your FormIt to Revit conversions will now result in .rvt files that can only be opened in Revit 2015 (and 2016 when it arrives). If this becomes a problem for your FormIt workflow, here are a couple of things to consider:

If you have questions or comments, please leave them on our new Support Forum.

Check back soon for the announcement of our v9 release!


FormIt + Android + NVIDIA = Awesome!

The NVIDIA Tegra team has been working with us and Ryan Cameron, one of our early adopter users, to test out our Android version on the NVIDIA Shield tablet. They posted a great story on their blog yesterday:

Back to the Drawing Board: Architects Take Stylus From Sketch to 3D Models

Conceptual model by Ryan using DirectStylus 2 on SHIELD tablet with Autodesk FormIt

Our biggest release yet for Android

Many of our Android users have been waiting a long time for FormIt to catch up to the functionality on the iOS and Web versions. Your wait is over! Today marks the biggest update we have ever had since launching the Android version in 2013. This short video shows the highlights and the full feature list is below. Check it out on Google Play. Please join us at our new support forum and let us know how things are going. Also visit our new home at http://formit.autodesk.com and post some images in our new public Gallery!

  • Full support for Android Lollipop
  • A completely revised 3D sketching and snapping system!
    • You are now no longer constrained to sketching in one plane.
    • Use other objects in the scene as snap references when drawing and modifying
    • Snap to levels when sketching or dragging face
    • Move objects more accurately by first selecting the point you wish to snap with
    • Sketch Lines with local and global axis alignments and snapping options
  • Sketch lines can live in the scene without being part of a closed shape
  • Select and modify individual vertices – on both 2D lines and 3D objects
  • Select and modify multiple faces at once
  • Double tap now selects an entire object. Single tap selects faces, edges
  • New tools:
    • Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to allow snapping and manual entry of degrees
    • Sketch a circle
    • Offset the lines of a face
    • Review historical climate data based on the project location
  • Note: Changing an existing material bitmap is currently disabled. We are working hard on a fix. In the mean time, you can still create new materials with new bitmaps.

A new update to our iPad and Web apps

We have a new update available for our iOS and Web apps today!

  • Many bugs have been fixed, especially with the real-time collaboration feature. So if you have not tried it yet, grab a friend and start collaborating! If you missed the original collaboration release, check out the video below and blog post.

  • Take our survey and let us know what you think of FormIt! You can take the survey from either the Getting Started page in the app, or right here.
  • Our support forums have been moved from Get Satisfaction to http://forums.autodesk.com. The Get Satisfaction site is still active, but will be shut down by the end of the month.

And for our Android users… we have an exciting update coming very soon. You will have the new 3D sketching, weather analysis and Lollipop support, among other updates. Stay tuned!

FormIt Friday: Customer edition

It is the first FormIt Friday of the new year! I know…its not actually the first Friday in the new year, but the FormIt team has been digging ourselves out of a mountain of email after a much needed two-week break. This year, we are going to use these Friday posts to profile work from our passionate FormIt customers. So, if you would like to get profiled, please post your work on our online Gallery.

First up is David Flores from fleeds.ch in Switzerland. He created this beautiful solar house concept using FormIt. Click on the link to visit our gallery and see more images.

Solar house concept from Fleeds.ch

Their philosophy from their website: (Google translated)

We connect people and nature together to create a harmonious balance. To achieve this goal we create living spaces that encourage people to bring nature and its environment increasingly into his life back.

I think we can all get behind that! It is great to FormIt being used for this kind of work. All of you FormIt users out there will be very happy this year to see some of the things we are adding to enhance building analysis! More to come on that later…


FormIt at Autodesk University 2014 – a recap

Well, another Autodesk University has come and gone. The FormIt team had a wonderful time interacting with our users and attracting some new ones! Here were some of the highlights:

  1. We moderated a full-capacity panel discussion with three amazing speakers. It is always great to have passionate users tell the story of your product! The video has been posted and is available on the Autodesk University website.
  2. We launched an updated version of FormIt for iOS and FormIt for web that includes our revolutionary real-time collaboration system.
  3. We launched a re-design of our website, that includes a public gallery where you can  share images of your FormIt work and interact with other users! Go check it out and post some of your best images!
  4. We demoed. We demoed. and when our voices let out, we demoed some more (hey, who needs to talk, FormIt practically demos itself!)
  5. And most important of all, we met so many of our passionate users! You never fail to inspire us! We look forward to next year (that is, once we have had a year to recover!)




Introducing the new FormIt Gallery

Want to share your wonderful FormIt-created designs with the world! We are happy to introduce our brand-new public Gallery and new home on the web: http://formit.autodesk.com! Just log in with your Autodesk 360 ID and upload some images. If you happen to be attending Autodesk University this week, and you need an extra incentive, stop by either the Answer Bar or BIM City after posting your image and get one of these sweet FormIt bluetooth speakers!


And the first three AU attendees that stop by the FormIt booth at BIM City (starting tonight 6pm PT) with a posted image AND a story about using FormIt on a real project, get one of these beautiful FormIt team jackets!



The FormIt Team at Autodesk University 2014

This will be the third year that FormIt will be making a prominent appearance at the annual Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. Team members Tom Vollaro (Senior Product Manager), Tobias Hathorn (Senior User Experience Designer) and Markus Bonn (Principal Software Engineer) will all be roaming the floor and giving demonstrations. We will also have some of the coolest swag at AU to give away…more details to come on Monday!  If you happen to be at AU this year, just stop by either the Answer Bar or BIM City and ask about FormIt. If not, you can jealously follow all the excitement @FormIt3D.  Here is the official list of scheduled events:

Tuesday December 2

  • 2:00 PM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar
  • 3:00 PM: Take a Deep Dive into Conceptual BIM. This will be a panel discussion highlighting real project work done by three designers using FormIt. Only 6 seats left at this writing!
  • 4:15 PM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar
  • 7:30 PM: 30 minute FormIt Demo in BIM City

Wednesday  December 3

  • 11:45 AM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar
  • 2:00 PM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar
  • 1:30 PM: 30 minute FormIt Demo in BIM City
  • 6:30 PM: 30 minute FormIt Demo in BIM City

Thursday December 4

  • 11:45 AM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar
  • 1:00 PM: 30 minute FormIt Demo in BIM City
  • 2:45 PM: 15 minute FormIt Demo in the Answer Bar