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Wait...all of that for FREE?

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As exciting as FormIt 360 Pro is, you have to remember that most of the FormIt 360 goodness is absolutely FREE! Here are the highlights: FormIt Converter We now offer a separate Revit add-in which allows you to move Revit families back and forth between FormIt 360 and Revit. And if that was not ...


TGIFF episode #2

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Hi FormIteers - We had a great webinar turnout on FormIt Friday as we went deeper into FormIt's modeling tools. The video has been posted so watch at your leisure - or watch a few times in sloooooooow-mooooooow to see all the picks and clicks!


FormIt and Revit, Beautiful Together Pt. 2

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I was invited to present FormIt to the audience of Revit Radio. RR is an open invitation Goto meeting hosted by Reviteers Brian Mackey (The Revit Geek), Brian Juge, and Stan Hennigh. If you'd like to benefit from their ...uhhh... "wisdom", check it out each month! My demonstration ...


B is for Bauhaus

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[instagram url= width=550]

Image courtesy of

Here is the file on Autodesk 360 and follow us on Instagram


Villa Rotunda Model Shared on A360

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Following David Light's lead, I have shared the Villa (Carpa) Rotunda model that has been profiled on this blog and in our videos. To access the shared model in FormIt:

  1. first download the newest version from the App Store 
  2. Log in to, or create, a free Autodesk 360 account
  3. Then click on this link: 
  4. From here click on "Copy to My Cloud Documents." A copy will be placed in your FormIt folder (assuming you have logged into your account at least once from FormIt on the iPad.)
  5. Open FormIt, log in to A360 in the Gallery, and "pull down" to refresh the gallery.
  6. Have fun modding the model!