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Our biggest release yet for Android

Posted in Android, news, video 6 years ago

Many of our Android users have been waiting a long time for FormIt to catch up to the functionality on the iOS and Web versions. Your wait is over! Today marks the biggest update we have ever had since launching the Android version in 2013. This short video shows the highlights and the full feature list is below. Check it out on Google Play. Please join us at our new support forum and let us know how things are going. Also visit our new home at http://formit.autodesk.com and post some images in our new public Gallery!

  • Full support for Android Lollipop
  • A completely revised 3D sketching and snapping system!
    • You are now no longer constrained to sketching in one plane.
    • Use other objects in the scene as snap references when drawing and modifying
    • Snap to levels when sketching or dragging face
    • Move objects more accurately by first selecting the point you wish to snap with
    • Sketch Lines with local and global axis alignments and snapping options
  • Sketch lines can live in the scene without being part of a closed shape
  • Select and modify individual vertices – on both 2D lines and 3D objects
  • Select and modify multiple faces at once
  • Double tap now selects an entire object. Single tap selects faces, edges
  • New tools:
    • Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to allow snapping and manual entry of degrees
    • Sketch a circle
    • Offset the lines of a face
    • Review historical climate data based on the project location
  • Note: Changing an existing material bitmap is currently disabled. We are working hard on a fix. In the mean time, you can still create new materials with new bitmaps.