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Formit + Dynamo

by Tobias Hathorn 3 years ago

Autodesk® FormIt and Autodesk® Dynamo Studio work together to create a Generative Conceptual Design workflow

  • Publish flexible Dynamo Customizers created in Dynamo Studio
  • Place Dynamo Customizers in a FormIt sketch
  • Flex the parameters of your Dynamo Customizers inside FormIt

Download Dynamo Studio

Pre-requisites: A Windows PC running Formit for Windows and Dynamo Studio to author your own Dynamo Customizers


Publish a Dynamo Customizer and place it in FormIt

    • Start Dynamo Studio and open or create a new script
    • Go to File, Share Workspace then title, describe, and publish your script
    • Start FormIt for Windows
    • Log into A360 with the same account used for Dynamo Studio
    • Go to the Dynamo tab in the FormIt panels
    • You should see the Dynamo Customizer you just published, if not then refresh
    • Drag and drop the Dynamo Customizer into your FormIt sketch


Link to a public Dynamo Customizer in FormIt 

    • Share your published Dynamo Customizer URL with colleagues (see example links below)
    • Start FormIt for Windows and log into A360
    • Go to the Dynamo tab in the FormIt panels
    • Click the plus icon and paste the URL to a Dynamo Customizer
    • Drag and drop the Dynamo Customizer into your FormIt sketch
    • Once a linked Customizer is placed, it is stored in the file. But the linked Customizer only appears in the Dynamo panel for the session


Flex the Dynamo Customizer parameters inside FormIt

    • Double click a placed Dynamo Customizer to edit the Group
    • Go to the Properties tab in the FormIt panels
    • Adjust the slider or number inputs available in the script
    • After a pause, the script will be sent to Dynamo for evaluation
    • You can exit the group and continue working in your sketch while you wait for the updated geometry
    • When the updated geometry is ready, your sketch will be updated automatically


Tips for Dynamo Customizers in FormIt

    • Dynamo Customizers behave like Groups in FormIt, you can copy, make unique, ungroup, delete, undo, redo, etc
    • Any manual adjustment made inside the Dynamo Group will be overwritten when the geometry is updated
    • Edits made outside the Group (like rotate, scale, etc) are preserved when the geometry is updated
    • FormIt will use the units of the current sketch to interpret the values in the Dynamo Customizer
    • Published Dynamo Customizers can be downloaded as DYN files for enhancement in Dynamo Studio
    • To control which inputs are visible in FormIt, right click and un-check 'Is Input' in Dynamo Studio


Learn more about Dynamo



Sample Dynamo Workspaces

Copy and paste the URL of these samples into the FormIt Dynamo tab:





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