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FormIt + Dynamo = Next Gen BIM

Posted in news, video, new features by Tobias Hathorn 3 years ago

What an exciting week. Thanks for all the great feedback on the latest FormIt 360 Release! We've had lots of positive reaction to the Dynamo in FormIt feature available with the Windows App. We've got Dynamo Customizer samples and BIG plans where the FormIt + Dynamo connection could go. Enjoy this short video of how we see these tools working together to revolutionize your design process well beyond massing. It's time for Next Gen BIM!  We would love to hear your feedback in the comments here and on Twitter @Formit360

Credits: Architectural Design, FormIt Model, Dynamo Script, and Presentation Styling courtesy of new FormIt team member Josh Goldstein! See more about the project in our Gallery.  


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