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Model to win with DesignByMany

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Autodesk and the design challenge site DesignByMany have initiated a challenge to the design community. Top prize is a license of Revit Architecture 2013. So fire up FormIt and get to modeling!


Get your Revit files!

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FormIt + ( Vasari OR Revit ) = Sweet! Happy 12/12/12 ! Starting today, each new FormIt file you create (or old one you edit) will be converted to a RVT file - in addition to the SAT file you currently get. Of course, this all requires that you use your free Autodesk 360 account. Each RVT file contains the following

  • an in-place mass with a form element for each object that can be edited using the Revit/Vasari conceptual massing tools. That is, it has a clear extrusion between two profiles. All other objects (boolean cuts and joins and objects with edges modified in two or more axes) will come in as non-editable imports. 
  • The latitude and longitude of the location - if you set one in FormIt.
  • Sorry, no images yet.

You have two options for interacting with these files

  • For Revit, you will need to browse to Autodesk 360 and download the file from your FormIt folder.
  • For Vasari, using the new Beta 2, you can open the files from the V menu > Open and then click the Autodesk 360 button in the Open dialog to view the contents of your FormIt folder.

Vasari Open Dialog ...


The Story of FormIt

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How did FormIt come to be? It started about a year ago while doing user research for Autodesk Vasari. We were talking with a lot of architects about conceptual design and observed a common pattern: mobile devices (specifically iPads) were everywhere. Designers were (and still are) using a variety ...


Introducing Autodesk FormIt

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The Conceptual Design Team with the Autodesk Building and Collaboration Group are extremely proud to introduce the first 3D architectural conceptual modeler for the iPad: FormIt! FormIt is an intuitive, easy to use mass modeling app that allows you to sketch your ideas in 3D wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Your ...


Autodesk University 2012

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We are officially launching FormIt here at Autodesk University today. Members of the team are here to give hallway demos, answer questions, and gather suggestions for future releases. Here are ways to catch up with the team - here in Vegas and virtually:

  • Keen eyes will notice FormIt being featured as part of the Mainstage presentation on Tuesday morning
  • Angi Izzi and I will be participating in a Facecast on Wednesday at 3pm PT.
  • We will be giving a live demo at THEbar Demo Theater on Tuesday at 1:30 PT
  • Team members will be hanging out for most of the week in the Autodesk 360 Lounge. Keep an eye out for people in the t-shirts shown below (a lucky few will get their own!)
  • Grab a drink with us at the @case_inc Tweetup at Ri Ra Irish Pub on Tuesday at 10pm PM
  • If you are not attending AU, I will be blogging on this site and tweeting @AutodeskVasari. #FormIt !



So what can I do with FormIt?

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