Cloud Storage Powered by Autodesk Docs

A New Place in the Cloud

    • Autodesk Docs is Autodesk's premier cloud storage solution, and brings new benefits to FormIt customers.
    • Send and receive FormIt models across Autodesk Docs accounts and projects, and access to the Autodesk Docs suite of collaboration and coordination tools.

Autodesk Docs Gallery

    • Open, Save, Import, and Export FormIt data across multiple Autodesk Docs Accounts/Hubs and Projects.

Autodesk Docs Content Library

    • Use the FormIt Content Library to place content from Autodesk Docs on FormIt Web and Windows.

Autodesk Docs in the AEC Collection

    • Autodesk Docs is included as part of AEC Collection subscriptions
      • You can use third-party cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Box, etc. to sync your files to a cloud location.


Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector

Connect Windows to Autodesk Docs

    • With the Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector, you can connect your desktop environment with your Autodesk Docs account:
      • View and open files
      • Upload and download documents
      • Edit and delete files
      • Create project folders
    • In FormIt for Windows and Web, enjoy the convenience of saving locally to folders inside the Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector.
      • Your local FormIt files will upload in the background to your cloud-based Autodesk Docs account.

BIM 360 Docs Desktop Connector

 Important Notes

The FormIt Folder

    • In FormIt v18.0 and newer, the FormIt folder is no longer automatically created and you can view your files in any directory.
    • You can safely move files out of the FormIt folder and delete it if you wish.

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