FormIt + Dynamo is Getting an Exciting Upgrade

About this change:

What this means for FormIt v16 users:

    • Starting on January 21, 2019, Dynamo Customizer functionality in FormIt for Windows v16 will stop functioning, including:
      • The Dynamo panel will no longer display your Dynamo files stored in the cloud.
      • Editing parameters inside of Dynamo Groups will no longer result in updated geometry being received from the cloud.
    • Dynamo-generated objects will continue to behave as standard FormIt geometry, but flexing Dynamo parameters will result in a connection error.
      • If you want to disable the Dynamo Customizer interface in the Properties panel when editing a Dynamo Group, simply Ungroup the geometry, then Group it again.

A bright future for FormIt + Dynamo:

    • FormIt v17 will be available in early 2019 and will feature a new, local Dynamo experience which will enable graph authoring and execution directly inside FormIt, using local Dynamo files.
    • We are working hard to release v17 as close to the Customizer retirement date as possible.
    • Stay tuned! We'll make an announcement when v17 is released, and will update this page with information about the new functionality when it's available.


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