Conceptual Massing

    • FormIt models become Revit Mass Families which support Wall by Face, Curtain System by Face, and Roof by Face
    • FormIt Levels become Revit Levels and support Floor by Face, and Floor Plan view creation
    • FormIt models with materials applied import to Revit with materials intact for visualization

Conceptual Modeling

    • Groups in FormIt can be categorized to become Revit Families like: Generic, Furniture, Specialty Equipment, etc.
    • FormIt models can be imported into the Revit Family editor to create RFA of any family category with materials 
    • Revit Families can be exported to FormIt, and then in the future, converted back to the original Revit Family

Iteration between FormIt and Revit

    • The Import FormIt to Revit command adds FormIt models into an existing Revit project, so you can update often
    • The FormIt origin point and the Revit base point are used for reliable placement of imported FormIt objects
    • The Group Name in FormIt is remembered upon Revit Import for use with Revit Filters
    • Revit System Families can be exported to FormIt using SAT export options



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