Download the Revit Add-In

The Revit Add-In for FormIt allows you to transfer geometry between FormIt and Revit. Get the latest below.

Learn about the FormIt + Revit integration


    • Download and install the Revit Add-In for your version of Revit
    • In the Revit Add-Ins tab, find the FormIt Add-In which has the following features:
      • Convert RFA to FormIt
        • Specify a folder of RFA files which will be converted to FormIt files, output to a folder of your choice
      • Convert SKP to FormIt
      • Convert FormIt to RVT
        • Specify a FormIt file to import into the current Revit project.
      • Reload Families
        • If you placed RFA content in a FormIt file that has been converted to Revit, you can replace FormIt's RFA approximation with the true RFA files by pointing to the folder where the RFA files exist.

Conceptual Massing

    • FormIt models become Revit Mass Families which support Wall by Face, Curtain System by Face, and Roof by Face
    • FormIt Levels become Revit Levels and support Floor by Face, and Floor Plan view creation
    • FormIt models with materials applied import to Revit with materials intact for visualization

Conceptual Modeling

    • Groups in FormIt can be categorized to become Revit Families like: Generic, Furniture, Specialty Equipment, etc.
    • FormIt models can be imported into the Revit Family editor to create RFA of any family category with materials 
    • Revit Families can be exported to FormIt, and then in the future, converted back to the original Revit Family

Iteration between FormIt and Revit

    • The Import FormIt to Revit command adds FormIt models into an existing Revit project, so you can update often
    • The FormIt origin point and the Revit base point are used for reliable placement of imported FormIt objects
    • The Group Name in FormIt is remembered upon Revit Import for use with Revit Filters
    • Revit System Families can be exported to FormIt using SAT export options

Preparing SketchUp files for Revit

    • SketchUp files often have geometry fidelity issues that will cause issues when converting to Revit
    • Using FormIt for Windows, you can open or import SketchUp files and then use built-in diagnostics and repair tools to fix SketchUp geometry so it's solid and ready for Revit
    • Save the FormIt file and use the Revit Add-In feature "Convert FormIt to RVT" to conver the geometry into your current Revit project


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