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3D Printing, FormIt Web Beta, #FormItFriday

Posted in 3dprinting, iOS, Uncategorized, web by Tobias Hathorn 5 years ago

The latest version of FormIt on iOS has an awesome new feature to smooth out 3D printing workflows. After you've created your model, you can export to an OBJ file. The OBJ opens directly with MakerWare for printing on a MakerBot! photo I built this FormIt model as a simplified homage to Tadao Ando and his amazing Church of Light in Japan. I also wanted to celebrate a friend's good news by making a scale souvenir for him. His dog is named Ando, so you know he's a big fan. 3DPrint The unique use of light and shadows in this building fits well with a new feature in our FormIt Web Beta. A recent update includes the Sun and Shadow menu, with sliders to quickly adjust the time and date, so you can see how shadows move across your model. ShadowStudy The same FormIt Web Beta update also includes visual style effects like Sketchy lines, Line extensions, Hidden lines, and the option to turn the grid on or off. SketchyLines Finally, I wanted to invite you to use the #FormItFriday tag on Twitter and Instagram for when you have free time on a Friday and feel like sharing your FormIt creations! Don't forget to throw the #FormIt3d tag on as well. PS - Here are a few #3Dprinting tags to check out... #maker #makeroftheday


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