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April 2017 FormIt Friday with EvolveLab

Posted in webinar by Tom Vollaro 10 months ago

For our first of two April FormIt Fridays, we were really excited to invite guests Bill Allen (@Bill_Allen_21) and John Pierson (@60SecondRevit) from the Boulder based BIM consultancy EvolveLab. We set Bill and John loose with some of our newest tools and services. Namely, publishing cloud-based Dynamo scripts that can be viewed on the web, modified in FormIt and massively optioneered in Project Fractal. They may have gone a little TOO massive with their design options, but then again, we asked them to push the system (which is still in the Alpha phase.) Check out the highlights:

01:53 - Who is EvolveLab?
03:36 - Bill's Form Finding Dynamo

Here is a link to the DYN, RFA, and RVT files that Bill worked with

20:11 - John's repeatable panels

Here is a link to the other RFA and DYN files that John worked with

28:55 - Creating Options in Fractal
34:47 - Images to create patterns
43:57 - Slats from a surface

Here is a link to the Dynamo Customizer that John published during the webinar

55:06 - A sneak peak at the next release of FormIt

...or Watch the full video below



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