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Content Library!

by FormIt team 5 years ago

One of my favorite features in FormIt is the uber-flexible Content Library. Read on, and download these examples.

The Content Library is a visual list of FormIt models ready to be dropped into your design. There are so many great uses for this feature, I wanted to cover a few, and illustrate how to do this yourself!

Content Library of Furniture

The Content Library is useful because you can...

  • Start a new project fast with template basics like a material library, furniture library, and entourage library of trees, and people.

  • Prepare a kit of parts for large scale planning and programming, then play with lego blocks and area.

  • Play your very own game of Tetris when you need to clear your mind in the middle of a design. 

Content Library of Tetris pieces

How do I make a great Content Library?

  • Define the structure of your library! Create and organize your folders by project, or by category, or both.

  • Choose the visual style for the thumbnail preview. Display in color, or monotone, with shadows, and a dramatic camera angle, Zoom extents, then Save.


Where can I get content REALLY fast?

  • FormIt uses the Revit Add-in to convert Revit Families to FormIt, then you can place these in your Content Library.

  • Browse the SketchUp Warehouse, find what you want and then import into FormIt for Windows.

  • Download some of the examples that I've listed above! Thanks for reading the whole blog post, you're welcome!