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Even MORE fun and useful stuff you can do with FormIt

Posted in images 7 years ago

Here in the U.S. it is Memorial Day. So many of us are enjoying some time off with our families (and our grills, weather permitting.) Keeping with our recent theme of cool stuff you can do with FormIt - this one comes from the inside. Markus Bonn is a Principal Software Engineer on the FormIt team. He is also the rare breed of software developer with a background in architecture and a great sense of design. From Markus:

I talked my neighbor on building an arbor on the north side of his garage. He argued that nothing will grow there since it is in constant shadow. I argued against it, built a FormIt model of the arbor and proved that the top of the arbor gets plenty of sun for climbing vines. I used our sun and shadow UI. We cranked the project out together over the last two weekends. After it was built, the sun exposure on the real thing was dead on. Below is the FormIt model and photos of the built structure. Unfortunately the pics were taken on a cloudy day so the shadows are not as crisp as they should be to validate against the FormIt model. Even MORE fun and useful stuff you can do with FormIt D0C4F5FB-D2E6-4F96-9DD0-DB8302CD3510 F940CCC7-BDDD-442A-BD31-C3C276A6777D BE0C2C2D-ECD7-47FA-92F7-B5906CCE82FF F754D49F-1D8D-4E2A-994E-CC4ED804A683 E0FB1D9B-9540-4B7F-A54E-DD6B3F451857