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FormIt 2021.1 is Now Available

by Josh Goldstein 1 year ago

Hello FormIt fans!

We're happy to announce the availability of FormIt 2021.1, which addresses critical issues reported with FormIt 2021.0.

Download the update now for Windows (also available from the Autodesk Desktop App), get the updated app for iPad, or launch the updated version of FormIt Web

Here's an overview of what's fixed. You can also head over to the full release notes for Windows, Web, and iPadOS.

  • All FormIt Platforms

    • We fixed an issue where entering dimensions in mm and cm units would unexpectedly display the value with an incorrect amount of zeroes, in certain language and region settings.

    • We fixed issues with the Ground Plane and Work Plane, including the Ground Plane partially disappearing or creating triangular artifacts while in Group Edit Mode, and the Group Work Plane Z-fighting with the Ground Plane in Group Edit Mode.

  • FormIt for Windows

    • We fixed a couple of crashes, including on AutoSave when the Windows account contained Unicode characters, and when painting Materials in certain cases.

    • We fixed an issue where accessing the Material Samples would result in the Materials panel showing a loading animation indefinitely. 

    • We fixed an issue where selecting a Dynamo Group while another Dynamo Group was processing changes could result in the other Dynamo Group's changes appearing in the selected Group unexpectedly.

    • We improved the simiplicity and reliability of debugging plugins in FormIt for Windows. 

      • You can now right-click on a panel-based plugin and click "Debug" to launch debug tools, without having to set a system environment variable
  • FormIt for Web

    • We fixed an issue where Redo could fail in Group Edit Mode.

    • We fixed an issue where the Layers panel would incorrectly indicate that selected geometry was on "No Layer", even though a Layer was actually assigned.

    • We fixed an issue where Materials with cutout maps would fail to import from the Import Material Library dialog.

Thanks to everyone who reported issues with 2021.0. We usually have a few rough edges to smooth out with large releases. We have more improvements and fixes on the way, and we're working on the next major version too. Great things are coming! 

The FormIt Team