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FormIt 2022.0.1 is Now Available

by Josh Goldstein 3 months ago

Hello FormIt fans!

We're happy to announce that FormIt 2022.0.1 is rolling out now. This update addresses critical issues reported with FormIt 2022.0.

Download the update now for Windows (also available from the Autodesk Desktop App), get the updated app for iPad, or launch the updated version of FormIt Web

Here's an overview of what's fixed. You can also head over to the full release notes for WindowsWeb, and iPadOS.

  • All FormIt Platforms

    • We significantly improved performance when selecting and deselecting objects in certain cases.

    • We addressed a few graphics bugs, including:

      • We fixed an issue where the Array tool would show incomplete result graphics while the tool was in progress.

      • We fixed an issue where the scene graphics would be outdated when entering and exiting Group Edit mode after toggling the Display Watertight diagnostic.

    • We fixed an issue where inferencing to the world or Group origin point would fail when an object on a hidden Layer blocked the origin point.

    • We fixed an issue where selecting unlocked objects would fail when locked objects occupied the same space.

  • FormIt for Windows

    • We improved the behavior and fixed some bugs in the FormIt + Revit integration, including:

      • We added a message confirming that geometry was sent to Revit, when clicking the Send to Revit button. We also improved the name of the resulting Import Instance in Revit.

      • We fixed an issue where the 3D Sketch button would fail to launch FormIt when the Windows account name contained spaces. 

      • We fixed two issues with geometry positioning when clicking the Send to Revit button in FormIt:

        • FormIt geometry will no longer appear at the lowest Revit level when Revit is in a 3D view during the Send to Revit operation.

        • FormIt geometry will no longer appear at an unexpected position when Send to Revit is clicked while FormIt is in Edit Group mode.

    • We fixed several bugs and crashes in the FormIt + Dynamo integration, including:

      • We fixed a Dynamo crash when trying to edit a custom node.

      • We fixed a Dynamo crash when trying to use a SelectFromFormIt node after deleting another SelectFromFormIt node without saving the graph.

      • We fixed an issue where graphs saved in Manual execution mode would hang the Dynamo palette in FormIt when executed.

      • We fixed an issue where the SelectFromFormIt node would fail to select owned geometry in some cases.

      • We fixed an issue where Save As in Dynamo would result in all SelectFromFormIt nodes losing their selections unexpectedly.

Thanks to our fans who worked with us to identify and resolve some of the items listed above!

As always, drop us a line on the forums if you have other issues to report or ideas for the future. In the meantime, we're working hard on the next major release, so stay tuned for exciting news!

  • The FormIt Team