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FormIt 360 at Autodesk University 2016

by FormIt team 4 years ago

Another Autodesk University has come and gone. As always it was an exhilarating and exhausting! My favorite part by far is connecting with all of our current and future customers. In fact, I spent so much time at the booth and meeting with people I barely got to attend any classes! Luckily, AU records more and more classes each year. So now we can all pop some popcorn and watch and learn from the expert FormIteers:

and last but not least

And these were just the ones recorded. Brandon Wlosinski and Carl Storms both ran well attended labs. But these appear to not have been recorded. 

Tobias, manning the booth

Sam Macalister showing how to add some Pixlr filter fun to FormIt

Carl Storms getting ready to kick off a well attended lab

Jarod Schultz. Rocking the Dynamo scripts

Tobias, manning the booth

Tobias, manning the booth