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FormIt 360 for Windows Preview

4 years ago

FormIt 360 for Windows  Brings FormIt's connected, conceptual BIM experience to a powerful Windows app. FormIt 360 for Windows is available with your FormIt 360 Pro subscription or 30 day trial. With FormIt 360 for Windows you will be able to:

  • Work On and Offline Connect to A360 Drive and web services, or work without an internet connection
  • Connected and Customized Collaborate in real-time with custom toolbars, palettes, and shortcuts
  • Touch Mode Windows touch-enabled devices use inputs of finger, stylus, mouse, and keyboard
  • Move your Data Import SKP, SAT directly, link a Content Library from A360, local, and network drives

Pre-requisites: A 64 bit Windows PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10 and a subscription for FormIt 360 Pro Latest Version: 13.2 - posted on 4/6/2016

v13.2 Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Windows v13.2

  • In App notifications when there is a new update available
  • Export Image at screen resolution
  • Layers, Scenes, Content Library Tabs all have improved UI
  • Easier to Zoom close to and through geometry
  • SketchUp file conversion includes Scenes
  • Improved Screen Refresh in tools and app start up
  • Notifications when you try to use tools that require an internet connection
  • Lots of bug fixes to A360 saving
  • Fixed erroneous 'File created in Revit' notification when editing a FormIt group
  • Android app users have more visual style options
  • Dynamo: Improved performance on changes
  • Dynamo: Linking a Dynamo Customizer via web link accepts all URL formats
  • Dynamo: Placing new instances from the Dynamo tab works correctly
  • Dynamo: Imported Materials appear correctly
  • Dynamo: No default Material applied - very easy to paint the group instance

v13.0 Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Windows

  • Work Offline: No need for an internet connection once your FormIt 360 Pro or Trial is validated
  • Work Online: Connect to the FormIt 360 services like A360 Drive, Insight 360, Real-time Collaboration, Google Maps, and more
  • Touch Mode: Model and navigate with touch-enabled Windows devices using your finger, stylus, mouse and keyboard
  • Dynamo in FormIt: Place and flex scripts from Autodesk Dynamo Studio Learn More
  • Modeling Tools: Shell, Fillet, Mirror, and more
  • Export Options: Export Visible, Export Selected
  • Export File Types: FBX, SAT, DAE, DXF
  • Import Directly: SKP and SAT files can be opened and imported directly to FormIt
  • Visual Styles: Monotone Surfaces for a subtle rendering effect
  • Materials: Paint with the default material to remove material easily
  • Levels: View the area per level
  • Groups Tree View: View your nested groups and select your groups from a tree view
  • Ungroup Options: Ungroup All, Ungroup Model
  • High Resolution Icons: High DPI screens will see high resolution icons with extreme clarity
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize, Import, Export Keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable UI: Add, remove, and relocate toolbars, palettes, then set the UI theme to blue or white