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FormIt and Revit, Beautiful Together

Posted in Uncategorized 6 years ago

Here is a video showing the Villa Savoye model I have been working on to highlight our interop with Revit. Here is a copy of the model. Download the AXM file and load it into the FormIt folder in your Autodesk 360 drive and refresh your gallery in FormIt to load it.

The wonderful Revit model of Villa Savoye at the end was created by Autodesk Technical Sales Specialist, Samuel Macalister. He has been creating some fantastic cross-product workflow models using FormIt, Revit, 3DS Max and more over at the BIM Toolbox - including the "1 Hour Tower". All of his models can be download from his Behance page.

Villa Savoye - buit in Revit and rendered in Autodesk 360 Rendering. By Samuel Macalister.