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FormIt into September!

by FormIt team 6 years ago

Hello Everyone! We hope you're enjoying the beginning of the end of summer as much as we are! We spent part of the last month recording, polishing, and preparing for September - so we have a few NEW things to share with you - and even bigger things still to come... FormIt_4_Revit

FormIt Fridays are BACK!

We were able to connect with a few of our friends who taught these great presentations at RTCNA - they've agreed to re-present their high quality FormIt classes for a wider audience. We've nailed down dates, and set-up the goto webinars, so please register NOW for the following FormIt Friday Webinars!

  • Sept 4: Jarod Schultz - FormIt: Bridging the Design Gap - registration LINK

  • Sept 18: Tony Caputo - registration LINK


FormIt Snippets are POSTED!

We recorded 18 2 minute videos to get you started using FormIt. Since we can't be with every single person to teach you how to use FormIt 360 at the 'picks and clicks' level - we've produced a getting started video series to reach the many of you itching to start a project in FormIt. Expect more videos like these in the future!

  • Introduction - LINK

  • 3D Sketching and Snapping - LINK

  • Edit Tools - LINK

  • Groups - LINK


Revit 2015 FormIt Converter is UPDATED!

We fixed a bunch of bugs, and improved a bunch of workflows (some that Jarod will share in his FormIt Friday!) to help you make the most out of your SketchUp to FormIt to Revit conversions! We will be posting the Revit 2016 version of the FormIt plug-in shortly (like in the next few weeks)...

  • Updated Revit 2015 FormIt Converter Plug-in - LINK

  • Our A360 conversion from FormIt to Revit is updated too!


Our next release...

Will be full of our MOST REQUESTED FEATURES and will be coming along very soon as well. Look for specific updates during our FormIt Friday Webinars! Thanks for your ongoing support and feel free to reach us in the comments, or on our Forums!