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FormIt: Pro Tips Series

by Josh Goldstein 2 years ago

Hello FormIt fans! We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on the next version of FormIt, which will have a ton of new features and functionality. If you're curious, we've hinted at some new features on the forums.

In the meantime, we're going back to basics with a video series on helpful features that will save you time and help you build and maintain clean, solid models that work better in FormIt, and integrate better with other applications downstream.

Solid Modeling + Repair

First, learn why solid modeling is advantageous, and how to check and repair your FormIt model if it has issues that prevent geometry from being solid and watertight.


Extraordinary Extrusion

Next, see how solid models can be impressively modified with FormIt's extrusion tool, including eliminating contiguous geometry with no clean-up effort, auto-merging edges where extrusions intersect, and multi-extruding many surfaces at once.


Smart Selection

Tired of manually picking individual faces, edges, or groups? FormIt has a built-in Smart Selection feature that can make selecting multiple objects a breeze: simply hover over an edge, a face, or a Group and hit Tab to select a variety of related elements, like connected edges, similar faces, or identical Groups. Using area selection? Learn about the different object types you can filter out using the Selection Filter.



Enjoy the videos, and stay tuned for a FormIt v17 announcement!