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FormIt Pro Webinar: Watch the Recording!

by Heather Lech 1 year ago

Hi FormIt fans,

If you missed our webinar in July, or want to learn more about conceptual design workflows which integrate FormIt, InfraWorks, Insight, and Dynamo, you can watch the recorded webinar now! 

The webinar covers a variety of topics, and demonstrates how FormIt Pro allows you to clarify and visualize intended design outcomes in the early stages of a project:

  • Learn how to bring 3D context from Infraworks into your FormIt Pro model

  • Discover FormIt Pro's realtime shadow studies, solar analysis capabilities and direct connection to Insight Energy Analysis to inform your early stage design

  • Flex Dynamo scripts in FormIt to explore design options

FormIt Pro gives you the tools you need to refine your design to better fit the functional requirements of your project site and develop meaningful project data in a short amount of time to better communicate and support your design intent.

Stay well, enjoy the webinar, and look forward to exciting FormIt news soon!