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FormIt Public Roadmap: May 2021

by Heather Lech 6 months ago

Hello FormIt fans,

I'm excited to bring you the first ever public roadmap for FormIt!

In this recording I’ll share the 3 areas of investment for the current roadmap:

  •           Connected data between FormIt and Revit

  •          Outcome-based design with compute integration

  •          Data at the Center with Autodesk Docs

I’ll review some recently released features that contribute to the areas of investments and share how we are planning to add value with new features. I’ll also discuss performance, scalability, and additional enhancements that are on the roadmap.

The goal is to provide you with a clear picture of our investment areas and where the future of FormIt is heading. I’ll share what is in-progress now, what’s up next, and how we are addressing wishlist items that you’ve told us are important to your work. I’ll do my best to be as candid as possible, but I can’t discuss dates and timelines and I can promise that the roadmap is not a fixed document; it will change and evolve with feedback from you and with changes to business direction and the AEC industry.


Thanks for watching! Feel free to give us feedback at the FormIt forum.