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FormIt Updates for April

Posted in Uncategorized 4 years ago

Hello FormIteers - We've been busy improving FormIt! What have you been up to?! We've been squashing those pesky bugs, and adding a bunch of UI polish, as well as features that didn't quite make our release. See the release notes below and download the latest version of... everything! Note, You need to be PRO or start a trial to use the Windows App

  • Windows App - Push that big button above!
  • Web App - LINK
  • iPad and iPad Pro Apps - LINK
  • Android App - LINK
  • and the Revit Add-ins! - LINK

Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Windows v13.2

  • In App notifications when there is a new update available
  • Export Image at screen resolution
  • Layers, Scenes, Content Library Tabs all have improved UI
  • Easier to Zoom close to and through geometry
  • SketchUp file conversion includes Scenes
  • Improved Screen Refresh in tools and app start up
  • Notifications when you try to use tools that require an internet connection
  • Lots of bug fixes to A360 saving
  • Fixed erroneous 'File created in Revit' notification when editing a FormIt group
  • Android app users have more visual style options
  • Dynamo: Improved performance on changes
  • Dynamo: Linking a Dynamo Customizer via web link accepts all URL formats
  • Dynamo: Placing new instances from the Dynamo tab works correctly
  • Dynamo: Imported Materials appear correctly
  • Dynamo: No default Material applied - very easy to paint the group instance