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Get your Revit files!

Posted in news by Tom Vollaro 7 years ago

FormIt + ( Vasari OR Revit ) = Sweet! Happy 12/12/12 ! Starting today, each new FormIt file you create (or old one you edit) will be converted to a RVT file - in addition to the SAT file you currently get. Of course, this all requires that you use your free Autodesk 360 account. Each RVT file contains the following

  • an in-place mass with a form element for each object that can be edited using the Revit/Vasari conceptual massing tools. That is, it has a clear extrusion between two profiles. All other objects (boolean cuts and joins and objects with edges modified in two or more axes) will come in as non-editable imports. 
  • The latitude and longitude of the location - if you set one in FormIt.
  • Sorry, no images yet.

You have two options for interacting with these files

  • For Revit, you will need to browse to Autodesk 360 and download the file from your FormIt folder.
  • For Vasari, using the new Beta 2, you can open the files from the V menu > Open and then click the Autodesk 360 button in the Open dialog to view the contents of your FormIt folder.

Vasari Open Dialog   As always, let us know what you think at our FormIt Forum site.


andrew 5 years ago

The usability of this appears to be limited on Android. It would appear I can't complete the following tasks.

  1. Import a dwg/dxf file to use as a modelling plan.
  2. Import of SAT or FBX file from a storage device.
  3. Upload issues of SAT files to 360 using the app encounters problems on Android also, so effects the usability here also.
Luis Arellano 6 years ago

Can you make a duplicate tool plz