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Have you looked at FormIt lately?

Posted in Android, iOS, news, revit 5 years ago

FormIt_Is_So_Sexy It is hard to overstate how much has changed in just over two years since we first introduced FormIt to the world. If you have not looked at FormIt in awhile, you may be blown away by how much it has grown up! Did you know that FormIt is:

  • Not just for iPads anymore! FormIt runs on pretty much any Android device.
  • Not just for tablets anymore! We introduced an early preview of our Web version in 2013. Since that release, we have overhauled the entire app. Sketching, snapping, pushing, pulling, graphics have all been vastly improved. Plus, now you can create editable group instances that speed up your design process for repeatable objects.
  • Compatible with Revit 2015! Every time you save, you get a Revit file with editable mass families, level datums, location data and more.
  • Collaborative! Create an online session where you and your colleagues, on mobile and web, can edit the same model at the same time, or share a viewpoint for remote presentations.

And we have a lot more coming very soon. Follow us @FormIt3D to be "in the know"