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Introducing FormIt 2.0

Posted in news, video 8 years ago

Since releasing FormIt at Autodesk University late last year, the team has been working hard to follow up with some great new features. We are happy to announce today that FormIt has been updated on the Apple App Store with some new features - including, you guessed it: metric units! Here are some great videos to orient you to the new version, as well as FormIt in general.

And for a full list of features:

  • Support for metric units
  • Cloud conversion to Autodesk Revit: supports Metric or Imperial, depending on sketch setting
  • Imprint closed shapes on faces and push them in to make solid cuts
  • Grid and snap settings adapt to current zoom level
  • Rectangles can be drawn at angles to the grid
  • Satellite images can be reloaded
  • Redesigned sun-study popover takes up less space
  • Gallery is a single scrollable page and can be sorted by name or date
  • Sketches now display their name in the Gallery
  • Fit to view has option to include a loaded image
  • Help button now has an option to go to our support site
  • We are now gathering anonymous usage data. This can be disabled from the About page
  • Crash recovery: if there is a crash, you will be able to retrieve data on next load
  • Various stability and bug fixes

If your comment is about a feature request or a bug, please post it instead at our GetSatisfaction support site. Thanks!