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Introducing FormIt v17.3

by Josh Goldstein 2 years ago

A new FormIt release is here, packed with enhancements and fixes requested by you!

This update is available for all FormIt platforms. Download FormIt for Windows now from our website (also available via the Autodesk Desktop App), launch the FormIt Web app, or get FormIt for iOS from the App Store.

Here's what's new:


Work with the confidence that your unsaved changes are protected. FormIt AutoSave maintains a backup copy of your model while you work, which can be used to restore data if FormIt is closed without saving. Learn more about AutoSave. (FormIt for Windows only)

Better Unit Handling

We've generally improved how FormIt handles units when importing or exporting STL, OBJ, and FBX files. For STL and OBJ on all platforms, 1 unit in these files will now correspond with the units FormIt is set to (1 foot for Imperial, or 1 meter for Metric). FormIt for Windows gets similar improvements when exporting FBX files.

Bounding Boxes + Non-Uniform Scale Grips

Group bounding boxes are now visually aligned with the Group's local coordinate system (LCS), making it more intuitive to work inside Groups. Additionally, Non-Uniform Scale now aligns its grips with the parent Group's LCS, for better control over scaling direction.


Weather Stations + Charts

We've restored weather stations, temperature graphs, and wind rose charts in the Set Location dialog in FormIt Web. Also, FormIt for Windows gets this functionality for the first time!


Material Eyedropper Tool

Sampling Materials with the Eyedropper tool now includes more surface alignment data, so you can easily replicate the exact orientation of sampled Materials when painting them on other surfaces. (FormIt for Windows only)

More Visual Styles in FormIt Web

Adjust ambient brightness, contrast, shadow intensity, and sky/ground colors with additional Visual Styles options in FormIt Web.


Performance Improvements

We're always working to improve the performance of FormIt on all platforms.

With this release, FormIt for Windows is a bit faster when opening large models, as well as when placing new Groups in large models - like when using the Content Library, Dynamo panel, Section Plane tool, and copy/paste.

Additionally, iOS is faster when downloading BIM 360 Docs thumbnails, and all platforms get an improvement when opening/importing large OBJ files.

And More...

This release also includes dozens of smaller enhancements, bug fixes, and reliability improvements on all platforms. Check out the full release notes for Windows, Web, and iOS.

As always, we strive to improve FormIt and introduce new features based on your feedback. Drop us a line on the forums if you're having trouble or want to make a feature request.