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Introducing FormIt v18.1

by Josh Goldstein 1 year ago

Happy new year, FormIt fans!

We've released an important update for all FormIt platforms which improves reliability and addresses a handful of critical issues:


All Platforms

Group Performance

We fixed an issue that could cause FormIt to stop responding when editing a Group containing geometry that extends very far into the horizon.

Collaboration Reliability

We fixed several issues around Collaboration on all platforms, including:

  • Ending a Collaboration session could result in black artifacts on the screen, in FormIt for Windows

  • The Users and Chat panels would fail to appear, or were missing interface items, in FormIt for Windows and FormIt for Web

  • Joining a Collaboration session could result in a crash, in FormIt for iPadOS

BIM 360 Docs Reliability

We fixed several issues around BIM 360 Docs on all platforms, including:

  • Exporting an image to BIM 360 Docs would fail or create an empty file, in FormIt for Web and Windows

  • Space characters would fail to appear when entering a file name in the Save/Export dialog on FormIt Web

  • Energy Analysis would fail to run on files saved to BIM 360 Docs, in FormIt for iPadOS


FormIt for Windows

Display Scaling

We fixed several issues that could result in icons, labels, and the sign-in dialog appearing at incorrect scales, when using multiple displays with mixed DPI configurations.

The fix for the sign-in dialog scaling requires an update to the Autodesk Single Sign-On component. This is installed automatically when downloading the FormIt update from our website, but may not get installed immediately when upgrading using the Autodesk Desktop App. If you're experiencing this issue and want an immediate fix, we recommend uninstalling the version from ADA, and downloading FormIt for Windows directly from our website.

Generally, FormIt's interface on Windows should look much more consistent for customers who experienced these issues. If not, let us know on the forums.

DWG Positioning

We fixed an issue when importing a DWG file that could result in its geometry being positioned too far from the origin to be visible in FormIt.

Curve + Surface Faceting

We unlocked the ability to set the Curve and Surface Faceting values to any value, not just multiples of 4, in Edit -> Preferences -> Units + Precision.

Application Reliability

We fixed a couple of crashes, including when setting Levels while another tool is active, and when running a plugin script with bad data.


FormIt for Web

Material + Image Import Reliability

We fixed an issue where some Materials would import with an invalid scale, which would result in them appearing black in the canvas. We also fixed an issue which would prevent the import of images into the canvas.

Support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Now that Microsoft has re-released Edge on Chromium, FormIt Web works on Edge! If you haven't received the new Edge via Microsoft Update, you can get it here.


FormIt for iPadOS

Open File Reliability

We fixed an issue that could prevent opening of FormIt files directly from the iPadOS Files app.


Learn More and Get the Update

Here's the full list of changes for WindowsWeb, and iPadOS.

Download FormIt for Windows (also available via the Autodesk Desktop App), launch the FormIt Web app, or update FormIt for iPadOS from the App Store.

Stay tuned, the FormIt team is working on big changes and impressive new features coming soon!