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Introducing the FormIt Primer

by FormIt team 5 years ago

If you missed our full day workshop and advanced workflow lab at the RTC NA 2016 conference in July - never fear! We have made both tutorial sources available for you to follow and share with your colleagues and customers. Follow each link below to a shared folder with a PDF and accompanying datasets. 

The FormIt Primer - Part 1: Building the Farnsworth House

FormIt Primer

This introductory tutorial takes you through an entire exercise to build the entire historic modernist Farnsworth House, analyze it, and transistion to Revit. Time to complete: about 2 hours. Video coming soon!

Farnsworth House Perspective

The FormIt Primer - Part 2: Advanced Computational Analysis Workflow

FormIt Primer

This is a more advanced dataset that shows you how to integrate FormIt 360, Dynamo Studio and Insight 360 into an advanced computational and energy analysis workflow.