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Meet Heather, Release Wrangler

by FormIt team 5 years ago

Fact: The FormIt team is a diverse and talented group.

Recap of personalities you've met previously. <Cue the Brady Bunch music!?>

Meet Heather, Release Wrangler!

She handles the lion's share of the FormIt release testing and deployment of ALL of our many platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Windows, the Revit Add-in, and various cloud based services!). Beyond all that, she's also a QA savant. No big deal. Her process has evolved over our many releases, in her own words:

"I worked on a single model for all my “workflow” testing.  That means I started this model on iOS. Then continued working on Android (popping over to Windows from time to time to use a specific feature), then I focused on Windows, and finally did some work on Web where I finished up the terrain.  I ran into a couple of minor bugs while modeling but as whole everything was very stable and moving between platforms on A360 was seamless."

"Additionally, using the diagnostic tools (Display Watertight Issues, and Display Backfaces), I was able to make my model completely watertight and it translated nicely into Revit via A360, and the Revit Add-in."

Revit Temple from above

Temple in FormIt from ground level