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New mobile updates

Posted in news 7 years ago

Two items on this hot and sticky July day here in Boston. First, we have an update for FormIt available on the App Store. We had a few annoying bugs that we could not squash before the last update. We fixed those and added a couple features. Browsing for images now uses the standard Album view. You can also select a face and view the area of that face with the Property Panel. That one was requested by multiple users at the AIA conference last month. I saved the best for last. Support for the Android platform has been our número UNO request since the day we launched FormIt last year. While not ready for prime time yet, the team has been working very hard and making great progress. Most of the core modeling features are in place and performance greatly improved. I was able to borrow a Nexus 7 and have been playing around on it for the past couple of days. I was not so sure about the seven inch form factor, but I am converted! FormIt works beautifully on the seven inch form factor - and the Nexus 7 feels really nice in my hand.