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New version of FormIt available today!

Posted in iOS, news 7 years ago

After a ton of work by our wonderful development team spread out all over the globe, we have our biggest updates yet!  So here is what we have in the iOS update:

  • Complete overhaul of the user interface to fit the new iOS 7 look and feel.
  • Swipe to the left of the right screen edge to access object properties and the materials library.
  • The Building Program provides key design information used to provide a range of potential annual energy cost based on climate zone, building type, and target building area. See the Building Performance Analysis Group's blog for more detail on this exciting new feature!
  • Draw more curvilinear forms with the spline tool.
  • Rotate the grid by tapping and holding on the grid.
  • Swipe on a thumbnail in the gallery to delete, duplicate or access sketch properties.
  • Share images of your work on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Print images of your work directly to AirPrint enabled printers.
  • Share FormIt sketches with others using AirDrop enabled iPads.

Note: iOS 7 is required for this update. And our Android version has also been updated! We have added the material library - your most requested feature. Custom materials and many more updates are coming soon. Watch our new slate of help videos in our Playlist: