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TGIFF episode #2

Posted in a360, news, Uncategorized, video, web, webinar 5 years ago

Hi FormIteers - We had a great webinar turnout on FormIt Friday as we went deeper into FormIt's modeling tools. The video has been posted so watch at your leisure - or watch a few times in sloooooooow-mooooooow to see all the picks and clicks!

We covered some sweet workflows as we built up this school model - these are things you can do today in our released app! Then we covered some amazing tools that will be available in a release coming VERY soon (we're dotting the i's and crossing the t's kind of soon). You'll be able to make great looking models and presentation images like this in no time! FormItFridayFinished Thanks for your great questions, we've had tons of fun with this series so far - we'll talk to you again soon from the AIA convention!