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Villa Rotunda Model Shared on A360

Posted in a360, images 7 years ago

Following David Light's lead, I have shared the Villa (Carpa) Rotunda model that has been profiled on this blog and in our videos. To access the shared model in FormIt:

  1. first download the newest version from the App Store 
  2. Log in to, or create, a free Autodesk 360 account
  3. Then click on this link:  http://a360.co/11hBk5a 
  4. From here click on "Copy to My Cloud Documents." A copy will be placed in your FormIt folder (assuming you have logged into your account at least once from FormIt on the iPad.)
  5. Open FormIt, log in to A360 in the Gallery, and "pull down" to refresh the gallery.
  6. Have fun modding the model!

Share your results with us on Twitter with #FormIt or in the comments here. a360_share