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Visualization with FormIt + Lumion

by the FormIt Team 16 days ago

Hello FormIt fans!

We're excited to announce that Lumion has released a real-time rendering and visualization plugin for FormIt!

Along with all the new features in Lumion 12, you can now create a live connection between FormIt and Lumion with LiveSync for FormIt Pro!

  • Lumion LiveSync creates a live, real-time connection to your FormIt Pro model.

  • Quickly render images, videos, and 360 panoramas (suitable for VR).

FormIt and Lumion side-by-side

Try it yourself!

  • Download Lumion 12 and make sure you have FormIt for Windows 2022.1 or newer.

  • Install the Lumion plugin for FormIt in the FormIt Plugin Manager, or from the Autodesk App Store.

  • Open a model in FormIt, launch Lumion LiveSync, and start visualizing!

    • You can navigate in FormIt, and Lumion's camera will follow you.

    • Changes to the FormIt model will immediately appear in Lumion.

Take a look at Lumion LiveSync for FormIt Pro and share your work with us on the FormIt Gallery!


The FormIt Team