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What else can I make with FormIt? 3D printing and other Friday fun

Posted in 3dprinting, images, vasari 7 years ago

A brand new MakerBot Replicator2 showed up at our office recently. Of course we started thinking about what we could print from FormIt. I started printing out pieces of the Villa Rotunda model that I posted back in March. But I wanted to print something useful - you know, something that solves a problem. I own an old Oyster acoustic guitar pickup, which I like very much. However, it suffers from a design flaw. The method for attaching the pickup to a guitar is this putty that dried up and fell off years ago. So I fired up FormIt, modeled a clip to hold the Oyster in place, brought it into Vasari, exported an STL file, sent it to the printer and (just about an hour later...yawn) I had my clip! 20130405-162241.jpg 20130405-162929.jpg Postscript: My colleagues in San Francisco have a fancy Objet and were able to print a proper model of Villa Rotunda: 2013-03-15_12-38-47_862