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What Sets FormIt 360 Apart?

by FormIt team 5 years ago

I wrote a post back in October entitled Smarter BIM - from Day One. A lot has changed since October, so I thought I would update that post.

Design any time, anywhere

In addition to our web client, that can run in pretty much any browser, we have also updated our iPad version to run on the amazingly fast iPad Pro. We even take advantage of the new Apple Pencil - the best stylus I have ever used, bar none.

While the web and mobile clients are great, we have listened to many of you who have asked for a version that can run offline and open bigger models. So we released a version for Windows! And, oh yeah, you can also use it with touch and pen on Surface and other such Windows devices.

BIM intelligence, from day one

In addition to the BIM intelligence that we have previously baked in, you can now load and modify Dynamo scripts right inside FormIt 360. That's right, we have crossed the streams!

Advanced Geometry

I did not mention this in the original post, but there are few things worth mentioning just about how flexible the 3D geometry is in FormIt 360. Here are a few things you can do natively in FormIt 360 that either are not doable, or requires plugins, in our competitors offerings:

  • 3D PRINTING: Heal complex holes with the Cover tool and export to STL

  • PUSH THROUGH: You can push all the way through solid objects

  • SHELL: Quickly create "walls" by shelling out a solid

Back and forth with Revit

Everything I mentioned in the original post remains true. But we have greatly improved the Revit converter add-in (free download here.)  Also, the back and forth with Revit has gotten easier with the addition of the Windows client (Pro subscription required.)

Go Pro for Analysis, Collaboration and more

Almost all of the core modeling tools are free to use on the web and mobile versions. If you choose to subscribe to our Pro subscription, you get even more. Like I mentioned in the previous post, you get Insight 360 energy analysis, solar analysis, real-time collaboration, and now access to the Autodesk Materials library.