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Working with Topography

Posted in webinar, education 4 years ago

This past Friday, we brought back FormIt Friday webinars after a bit of a summer break. If you missed it, as with all of our webinars, we recorded it (see below.)

We are also going to start posting datasets and material that we cover during the webinars. So here you go!

Update: After testing the "Dynamo Nodes" workflows with OSM and SRTM data (available for free, online) we can add these resources to the list!



Roger King 3 years ago

Great video explaining how to convert Revit into SAT. Use of Dynamo script for Revit conversion is really handy with this video.

Michael Mead 4 years ago

Just saw this. Have been using SketchUp since its inception and now have an iPad Pro so I thought I'd check it out.